Thursday, July 23, 2009

Getting started

We decided to start Hope Farms to show our kids that our food can come from a healthy and reliable source and to teach them how to work. We had no idea that Delyla would be our best gardener! The boys have all made their own rows of vegetables with the knowledge that they can eat or sell what they grow! What a great lesson huh?

Here are Matt, Alison and Paxton getting ready for our first local market. Just greens to sell at this market, but more is growing! There is a great little local farmers market in Eagle Nest and we plan to sell our produce there, in Taos and in Santa Fe. We also plan to sell to a couple of local restaurants. The movement towards eating more locally grown foods is a big deal here - thank goodness;)

Here are Jon and I with Dalton and Delyla. Mr. Dalton eats about as much as he picks. Gotta love a garden where it is safe for your kid to pick something and eat it right away. We heard a saying - All Natural, better than Organic. I think it is going to become our new motto. It is better than organic! You should taste this spinach---yummo!

Here is a picture of Hope, Peter, Gala and Delyla in front of the first wall of the green house. This green house is a life long dream of Matt's. We are going to fill it to capacity with deliciousness! It is alot of work, but we love it! The farm is named after Hope and she has had her hands all over this dirt. I must say, her rows are the most perfect!

Here are the girls at work...this is what it always looks like around here;) We use a method call lasagna gardening in which we create layers to constantly replenish and nourish the soil.

Here's Delyla saying "no" to any inorganic matter going into Hope Farms. She is the enforcer!

The second stage of the green house! The roof is going up! Within a few weeks of this picture, we have completed wrapping the green house and will begin planting it asap!

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